Stretch. Reflect. Act.

Technology is a tool. Remember our humanity!

August 25, 2015

Take five minutes to watch this video.

The rate of information creation and technological advancements is accelerating. So are the rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and depression, to name a few.

Let’s look at the possible connection.

The new “tools” and pace impact our lives in unforeseen ways. Some healthy, some not. The almost incessant use of mobile devices for both work and play contributes to “disease states.” Hunching over these devices for hours at a time, we operate in a heightened state of attention and stress. And, we stop moving.

Our bodies need movement to clear away tension, to strengthen our bones, to activate our immune system. To be healthy.

Just as each device needs recharging, so does our body, mind and spirit.

Get up, get out, get physical. Put down the mobile device, pick up a hiking stick and go for a walk.

In fact, bring it to Liberty Park in Twinsburg this Sunday, August 30, for Summit Metro Parks’ Fall Hiking Spree Kick-off. I'll be teaching hiking stick stretches and movements that can help you find balance.

For more information on Sunday's program...

"I love the workshops and rituals! Great opportunities to join with like-minded people. Nancy gently leads us through practices and rituals that connect us to Source while honoring our own unique expressions of the Divine."

Suzanne Paouncic, Project Director