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Hiking Stick (or broom!) Stretches

September 1, 2015

Sunday’s Metro Parks’ Fall Hiking Spree Kick-off was a lot of fun! Several groups joined me for hiking stick warm-ups before their walks; others stopped afterward for some great post-hike stretches. Here are two that can benefit your back, shoulders, neck and eyes.

With your feet separated a little more than shoulder-width apart and your knees bent, rest your hiking stick (or broom!) over your shoulders, looping your hands over your stick. Gently turn from your waist, keeping your spine straight. Engage your back, neck and eyes. Really LOOK over each shoulder as you twist. Keep your gaze outward, parallel to the ground/floor rather than down, to help ensure good spinal alignment.

The second exercise is similar to the first. In the same stance, drop your stick down to waist level behind your back. This time your palms face forward. Turn from your waist as described above.

Move in a comfortable range of motion… never push to the point of pain. And, be sure to check the space around you before you start swinging!

Good Qi,

Nancy G

"I love the workshops and rituals! Great opportunities to join with like-minded people. Nancy gently leads us through practices and rituals that connect us to Source while honoring our own unique expressions of the Divine."

Suzanne Paouncic, Project Director