Stretch. Reflect. Act.

Fall... time for balance

September 23, 2015

The Fall Equinox is the furthest point in Nature’s annual cycle. Whether referring to the seasonal changes or our life cycles, spring is the time for new beginnings. Summer, for greatest growth. Fall is the time to reflect back to where we began the current cycle, make adjustments and find balance.

Understanding cycles helps us be more in sync with the rhythms of the universe. We always are evolving, consciously or not. Every situation we encounter provides us with an opportunity to make a mindful choice… for our personal growth, to help another, for the betterment of our global community.

Take some time during this season to reflect on your life and your highest purpose. What adjustments do you need to make to be in better balance?

Good Qi,

Nancy G

Photo: Talking about perspective, this is an aerial view of the Medicine Wheel at Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath, Ohio. Keep watching for more messages from the Wheel. 

"I love the workshops and rituals! Great opportunities to join with like-minded people. Nancy gently leads us through practices and rituals that connect us to Source while honoring our own unique expressions of the Divine."

Suzanne Paouncic, Project Director