Stretch. Reflect. Act.

Wonder-full Wednesdays!

October 23, 2015

Being self-employed, I create my own schedule. That means I sometimes can take a little time to “play” while most people are working. It also means I often am working while you all are playing!

This week, the stars aligned. Mid-afternoon on Wednesday, after completing a couple big projects, my friend and I met for a long walk along the Cuyahoga River. Then we went to Luigi’s for pizza and capped off the night with a second walk on the Towpath. That’s my kind of perfect day!

What does your “perfect day” look like? Can you have one even in the midst of hard work and challenging times? 

Good Qi,

Nancy G

"I love the workshops and rituals! Great opportunities to join with like-minded people. Nancy gently leads us through practices and rituals that connect us to Source while honoring our own unique expressions of the Divine."

Suzanne Paouncic, Project Director